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          Established in 1999, our company is located in Xiamen, a world-renowned beautiful city. We have set up modern factories with advanced equipments. With a good production team, Yuqian has become the favored brand to domestic and foreign customers through ten-year development and innovation.

          Through ten-year efforts, we have built up a complete production system. Our procedure runs as the following: business department --- order handling department (sample making and preparation) --- supply department --- production department --- rear service department --- logistic department (work hand-over between departments is examined by a supervisor).
          Mass production and a strong team have been formed and created under efforts of whole members.

          Equipment: 700 automatic computer flat M/C and 100 automatic special machines. Patten making, sample production, and mass processing according to order are all controlled by computers.

          Associates: 800 machine operators
          Middle management staffs (team leaders): 50 Order handler: 10 Sample maker: 20
          We mainly make needle tatting woven clothing with a good variety of styles. Our products include skiwear, rainwear, sailing clothes,pants, beachshorts and so on, which are exported to Europe and USA, etc. Our quality and delivery time are trusted by our clients.

          Our organization:
          Business department, production shop, finishing shop, cutting shop, material warehouse, sample making team, and pattern house.

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